------------------------------------------------------------------> Tears Over Beers.

Tears Over Beers.

Call me Derrick.
I like butts.

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    This is the first time having a white background on tumblr in like, the 5 years since I joined tumblr. whoa. 

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(by Emily Boyer Photography)


    when i was younger like 13/14 i remember talking to my friends like yo dude shower sex is gonna be the best and then i had shower sex and i was like wow this kind of sucks like i got water in my eye and i just broke my arm because i slipped

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    human* fuck oops you can only know 1 reason and that is because you are WAY out of my league and youd never think of me like that.


    I can guarantee I am not out of anybody’s leagues. 

    I don’t go by “standards” or “leagues” because if I did, I’d be single forever. because im perfect but seriously, I like people who are nice to me, not by leagues or anything. :~)

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    I cant come off anon because of varioud reasons, but try not to feel down on yourself because you're a beautiful humam being and any girl would be so lucky to have you.


    Can I be made aware of the various reasons?? :~(

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    what happened?


    I didn’t really enjoy the way she talked to me, because I always interpreted it as degrading, in honesty.  

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    Definitely crushing on your hardcore.


    Come off anon! 

    but really I’m super lonely right now and I’d love a conversation please.

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